Design Thinking

Diamonds are forever.

Double Diamond

The double diamond is a design process and framework for innovation that was popularized by the British Design Council in 2005. It suggests a process in four sections that aims to help individuals, teams and organizations tackle complex problems and transform the way they develop products and services around users. Whilst the process appears linear with phases of progression, any section can be re-entered as new information emerges and is made known.

Right Problem


Discover builds empathy with the user through observation, verbal communication and listening, as a means to understand and identify their problems.


Define synthesizes these newly discovered insights and gradually narrows them into a hypothesis, eventually summarized as “final” problem to solve.

Final Problem

Clearly defining a “final” problem gives participants a better chance at developing solutions that meet and exceed user needs. A final problem and challenge statement also keeps work on finding a solution focused and clearly defined, reducing wasted effort and time developing ideas that solve the wrong problems.

Right Solution


Develop is the opportunity to ideate potential solutions to address the problem. Participants seek inspiration from all over, collaborating and co-designing with a range of different people and expertise.


Deliver builds prototypes and puts them in the hands of users, testing assumptions about each solution at a small-scale. This enables participants to validate what does and doesn’t work in their prototype, allowing them to “fail fast” and at low-cost before the right solution is found.

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