Design Thinking

Diamonds are forever.

Double Diamond

Design thinking is a human-centered problem-solving approach that emphasizes empathy, creativity, and iteration to develop innovative solutions. At the heart of design thinking is the “double diamond” framework, which visualizes the divergent and convergent stages of the design process. The first diamond represents the “Discover” phase, where designers immerse themselves in understanding user needs, conducting research, and identifying insights. This is followed by the “Define” phase, where the insights are synthesized to define a clear problem statement. The second diamond represents the “Develop” phase, where creative ideas are generated and prototypes are built to explore potential solutions. Finally, the “Deliver” phase involves refining and implementing the chosen solution. The double diamond encourages a structured yet flexible approach, enabling designers to explore possibilities, test assumptions, and ultimately deliver user-centric and impactful outcomes.

Right Problem


The Discover phase in the Double Diamond design process involves thorough research, problem exploration, and user understanding. It aims to identify challenges, gather insights, and define opportunities, setting the foundation for innovative solutions. This phase encourages divergent thinking and empathy, crucial for framing the design problem effectively.


In the Define phase of the Double Diamond design process, insights from the Discover phase are synthesized to define a clear problem statement. This step helps focus efforts on a specific user challenge and lays the groundwork for generating and evaluating potential design solutions in the subsequent phases.

Final Problem

A final problem in design thinking is a refined, well-defined challenge that encapsulates the core issue to be solved. It emerges after thorough research and exploration, guiding the design process. Addressing the final problem with innovative solutions ensures a focused and effective approach to creating user-centered designs.

Right Solution


During the Develop phase of the Double Diamond design process, ideas from the Define phase are transformed into concrete design concepts. Through iterative prototyping, testing, and refinement, viable solutions are crafted. This phase emphasizes collaboration and creativity, leading to tangible and user-centered prototypes ready for further evaluation and iteration.


The Deliver phase of the Double Diamond design process involves finalizing and implementing the refined design solution from the Develop phase. It encompasses detailed execution, production, and delivery of the product or service. This stage ensures alignment with user needs and project goals, resulting in a polished and effective end result.

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