Custom Training

Training for impact.

Training Around Your Needs

100% Custom-made

Custom training is a great opportunity for any individual, team or organization to improve their design thinking or agile knowledge and practice. Our training is 100% tailored and targeted to your problems and we don’t just fit your problems into a predefined model. Instead, we work with you and your team to explore problems and develop solutions together.

Typically, you may be looking at the following problems:


  • We’re not agile
  • We’re not innovative
  • We’re not creative
  • We implemented an agile framework and it’s not working
  • We keep delivering the wrong product
  • We want to redesign the structure of our organization
  • We want to design a delivery model to suit our organization
  • We want to redesign core processes to improve efficiency

What You Get

  • A custom tailored program, utilizing various techniques from design thinking and agile
  • Expert consulting and training around the challenges within your organization or team
  • Practical hands-on application of techniques to co-develop potential solutions within your team
  • A workbook of the session templates to use in your organization
  • A summary of the session, problems identified and developed solutions

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