Agile Health Check

The heartbeat of your team.

Check Your Pulse

Healthy Practice

If the benefits of digital transformation are to be realized, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of agile approaches, why they work and what to do to make them work. Our agile health check service uses qualitative and quantitative measures to determine the health of your agile practice. It covers every aspect of agile operation, from agile technical engineering practices such as DevOps, to team and organization structures, roles and responsibilities, backlog management, planning, reviews and retrospectives, mind-set and climate of culture. What’s more, it can be applied to a single team or scaled to multiple teams in large enterprise programs.

What You Get

We work with your team and stakeholders using a mixture of interviews and direct observation to produce a:

  • Health Check Report covering all key aspects of agile
  • Detailed commentary to provide context and explanation for each team result
  • Summary and presentation of findings, along with recommendations to facilitate discussion and initiate next steps within your organization

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