Systems Thinking

Buck the system.

Complex Systems

In environments that are growing ever more complicated, crowded, and interdependent, systems thinking has the ability to solve some of our biggest and complex problems. It is a holistic approach that looks at entire systems, the behaviors created by the reinforcement of processes within the system and the positive and negative effects they may create.

This is especially important when considering a model or framework for digital transformation. A copy/paste of an “off the shelf” framework onto your organisation structure may inadvertently lead to unbalanced processes, unintended outcomes, partial system failures or full collapse.

In contrast, systems thinking distinguishes between the theoretical application of such frameworks to first look at what really is happening in the existing system, before moving toward a solution and a new system design.

Teams and Organisations

Teams and organizations are complex systems of people, skills, culture, processes all working together in their own way. Through an understanding of the existing system and the use of techniques such as feedback loops, causal loops, behavior over time (BOT) and balancing and reinforcing loops, problems can quickly be identified, visualized and solutions proposed.

A custom made system for your team and organization can improve processes, remove confusion, improve efficiency, facilitate desired team behaviors and deliver on the strategic objectives of your digital transformation.

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